My name is Thae Yong Ho and before I came to South Korea in the summer of 2016 I was the North Korean Deputy Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Since coming to South Korea I have come to the realisation that there is so much that is not known about North Korea- at the same time there is so much that I don’t know about the South.

I am certain that unification of the Korean peninsula can only begin through a genuine understanding the reality of both North and South Korea.

And so I have started this blog, so that until the day that North and South are finally unified- it can act as a bridge for North and South to communicate.

I am determined that this blog will be a platform in which only facts and truthful statements are made.

However, in the case that any readers find any falsities I welcome your opinions and will adjust my posts accordingly.

With this, I welcome you to my blog- aptly named the We Go Together Forum in the hope that until we have a unified Korean Peninsula we can all move forward together.

Join me in this movement!

Thae Yong Ho